As a family run business we understand how important personal service is and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and friendly approach. We will ensure that your visit is as specials as possible, each and every time you visit.


Nuno Correia

Nuno was born and educated in Portugal. He served five years in the Portuguese Air Force and upon returning to civilian life he joined a prestigious beach restaurant in Praia Das Macas.

Nineteen years ago he joined the Butcher’s Arms and has served as a waiter, maitre d’ and more recently in the role of general manager. This depth of knowledge and experience is essential and valuable in his latest venture.

Along with his wife Allison, he is now proud owner of the Butcher’s Arms.

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Allison Correia

Allison was born and educated in the UK. She joined a well known charity where she gained valuable operational, organisational and management skills. This gave her a foundation to further her career.

Moving to the capital, she quickly became an expert in the bond and trading sectors in the city of London. It was during this period when she met and married Nuno.

With two growing children and a demanding role helping to run the Butcher’s Arms her organisational and management skills are proving to be a great asset to the team!

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Restaurant Manager

Rogerio Antunes


Assistant Manager

Alberto Ferreira

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Rose Ferreira



Sally Daynes


“Trolley Dolly”

Terri Mcgregor